Wilkinson County, Georgia




WHEREAS, Wilkinson County does not have an established policy or requirements for the construction of roads and acceptance of dedicated roads from individuals or developers to the County, and

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners of Wilkinson County has determined that proper standards for the construction and dedication of such roads should be established, and such roads should be in compliance with the standards before the County will accept maintenance responsibility for said roads, now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED AND ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners of Wilkinson County, Georgia that the following rules and regulations are hereby established for the construction of streets or roads which are accepted by the County as dedicated streets and roads:

Before the County will consider roads for acceptance or dedicated roads for maintenance either of the following (I or II) requirements must be met:

I. 40% of the subdivision lots shall be sold and/or

II. Any dirt or gravel road shall have been constructed, and maintained in accordance with the provision of this ordinance, or shall have been paved for three years.

III. In addition and upon the county's proposed acceptance of any street or road, the following construction requirements must be met:

    1. All road construction will be approved by the County Commissioners or designated authority before any construction begins.
    2. A minimum of sixty (60) feet must be granted for the right-of-way on main road leading from existing County or State road into a subdivision.
    3. A minimum of fifty (50) feet must be granted for right-of-way of roads leading off main subdivision road within subdivision. Variance may be granted for unusual circumstances.
    4. Adequate ditching and drainage from any way must be provided.
    5. Drainage easements where necessary on adjoining property owner must be provided.
    6. All road beds must be stabilized with at least four (4) inches of approved stone or at least six (6) inches of approved top soil with proper compaction of the road bed being 100% compaction.
    7. When a developer is ready to begin construction on roads, be will notify the County Commissioners Office in writing thirty (30) days before construction begins.
    8. The Right-of-way will be cleared of all stumps, limbs and foreign materials not consistent with good construction procedures.
    9. On all fills, there will be accepted method of compaction and moisture control during fill.
    10. Each roadbed of paved roads shall have a minimum of twenty- (20) feet width of triple surface treatment paving or better. Unimproved roads must have a minimum of twenty- (20) feet width of surface for traffic movement.
    11. All slopes and shoulders shall have approved grassing with proper soil stabilization and erosion control.
    12. The Contractor or land owner shall provide a suitable Maintenance Bond approved by the County for one (1) year from the date of acceptance of road, in an amount equal to Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) per mile or portion thereof.
    13. Developer shall insure that placement of utilities will be such that future maintenance of streets or roads by the County will not result in damage to utilities or require removal and/or relocation for proper maintenance. Underground utilities located on rights-of-way shall be buried a sufficient depth, not less than three (3) feet measured from the land surface so as to avoid damage by road machinery.
    14. Developer shall, prior to the sale of lots, provide Commissioners with two (2) plats of the development, prepared by a Georgia Registered Land Surveyor, in compliance with the Georgia Plat Act, which clearly shows the location, width, lots and other parameters of the street or road system within or to the development, location of easements and/or utilities or other restrictions or encumbrances which may affect acceptance of the road.
    15. Roads which end in a cul-de-sac must have a minimum fifty (50) foot radius, measured from the center of cul-de-sac to edge of right-of-way.
    16. All entrances to county roads must be authorized by a permit from Board of Commissioners.
    17. The contractor or developer shall be responsible for furnishing a warranty deed in a form acceptable to the Commissioners and approved by the County Attorney and before acceptance by the County, and shall bear the expenses of recording the deed.
    18. The Landowner, developer or contractor shall furnish evidence of soil test from random locations on proposed road, said samples to be performed by an approved testing laboratory, in accordance with test procedures approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation.
    19. Where drainage or slope easements are required, the Landowner, developer or contractor shall furnish evidence satisfactory to Commissioners and approved by County Attorney, that legally sufficient easements have been obtained from adjacent landowners.

IV. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the County Commissioners of Wilkinson County:

    1. That all driveways will be paid for by the applicant.
    2. Type and size of driveway pipe must be approved by County.
    3. Before any street or road is named, it must be approved by the County.
    4. The type of street signs and safety signs must be approved by the County and put in place before the County will accept the road for maintenance.

V. Any approval or inspection may be given by the County Commissioners only after written application is presented and specifications of the road or drive are given to the County Commissioners.

VI. Any ordinance or part thereof in conflict with this ordinance is hereby repealed.

VII. This ordinance shall become effective as of the 5th day of January 1988.  Adopted by the Wilkinson County Board of Commissioners.

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