Wilkinson County, Georgia


Georgia Economic Profile: Irwinton and Wilkinson County


(01)Population Chart
(02)Per Capita Income Chart
(03)Health Chart
(04)Education Chart
(05)Commercial Services
(06)Municipal Services

      GA US
  City County (millions)
1950 700 9,781 3.4 151.3
1960 673 9,250 3.9 179.3
1970 757 9,393 4.6 203.2
1980 841 10,368 5.5 226.5
1990 641 10,228 6.5 249.5
1996 705 10,743 7.3 265

Per Capita Income
  County GA US
1970 $2,610 $3,373 $4,047
1980 $6,957 $8,353 $9,940
1985 $10,179 $12,864 $14,155
1990 $13,591 $17,123 $18,666
1992 $14,406 $18,496 $20,146
1993 $14,768 $19,244 $20,809
1994 $15,431 $20,198 $21,699


bulletFour medical doctors
bulletOne dentist
bulletGordon Medical Center
bulletOne hospital at Milledgeville (20 miles) with 160 beds
bulletWilkinson County Health Department
bulletFour hospitals at Macon (30 miles) with 1,034 beds

Education Community Schools
bulletFour county public schools
bullet135 teachers
bullet1,928 students
bullet107 high school graduates in 1995
bulletOne private school with 84 students in 1995

Higher Education
bulletTechnical institute
bulletMacon at Macon (30 miles) has 3,061 students
bulletTwo year colleges
bulletMacon College at Macon with 4,907 students
bulletGeorgia Military College at Milledgeville (20 miles) with 430 students
bulletSenior colleges
bulletGeorgia College and State University at Milledgeville with 5,600 students
bulletMercer University at Macon with 6,729 students

Commercial Services

bulletLocal newspapers
bulletOne weekly
bulletDaily delivered - Macon Evening News
bulletSix television channels (cable available)

Financial Facilities
bulletOne bank with $22 million in assests

Industrial Support Services
bulletFabricating, finishing, forming at Gordon (13 miles)
bulletCasting, machining, tool and die shop, electric motor repair at Macon (30 miles)

Public Accommodations
bulletThree restaurants
bulletOne motel
bulletOne meeting facility at junior high school

Municipal Services

Fire protection
bulletThirteen volunteer fire personnel
bulletProtection outside city limits
bulletFire insurance classification is seven

Polic protection
bulletOne full-time and one part-time police officer

bulletService provided by city

Professional Engineer



bulletFour tennis courts
bulletOne golf course
bulletOne swimming pool
bulletOne country club

State Park
bulletHamburg State Park (62 miles) with fishing, camping, agricultural musuem, and working grist mill

Public Lake/River
bulletOconee River (20 miles) has swimming, fishing, camping, water skiing and motor boating


bulletA part of Georgia's modern integrated electrical transmission system, Irwinton has excellent ability to supply industrial demands. Compared to 47% for the U.S., coal accounts for 84% of fuel used by the state's power generating plants. This assures long-term continuity.

Natural Gas
bulletAvailable in industrial quantities on both a firm and an interruptible basis.

bulletPlant capacity: 1,052,000 gal/day
bulletConsumption: 340,000 gal/day avg and 400,00 gal/day max.
bulletElevated storage capactiy: 35,000 gal
bulletSource: 3 deep wells
bulletPumping capactiy: 370 gal/min


bulletProperty taxes are determined by tax rates and assessment ratios which vary by location. The on ly realistic way to compare property taxes for different locations is to use "effective tax rates" (tax rate multiplied by assessment ratio). Effective tax rates combine city, county, school, and sales tax rates into once convienent figure -- the annual tax for each $1,000 of property at its fair market value. This rate applies to all property: land, buildings, machinery, equipment, and inventory.
bullet'95 effective rate for property within the city: $12.46
bullet'95 effective rate for property outside the city: $10.16

bulletCity and county have 1% local sales tax in addition to the 4% state sales tax.

Motor Freight Carriers
bullet20 inner/intrastate

bulletNorfolk Southern rail service at Gordon (13 miles).
bulletNorfolk Southern piggyback service at Macon (30 miles).

bulletNearest navigable river: Chattahoochee (9 foot channel depth) with a public barge dock at Columbus (115 miles).
bulletNearest seaport: Savannah (168 miles) with a maintained channel depth of 42 feet.

bulletNearest commercial air service: Macon (30 miles).
bulletAirlines: Atlantic Southeast
bulletNearest public airport at Milledgeville (20 miles)
bullet5,000 foot asphalt runway
bulletServices and navigational aids:
bulletaircraft tiedown
bulletairframe & power plant repair
bulletlighted runway

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Wilkinson County, Georgia
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