Wilkinson County, Georgia



How to Locate a Mobile Home in Wilkinson County

Numbers to Remember

Tax Assessors  478-946-2076

Tax Commissioner 478-946-2232

Health Dept. 478-946-2226

Road Dept. 478-946-2904

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Step 1:  Mark Driveway Contact Wilkinson County Road Department or City Hall for driveway installation.


Step 2:  Obtain 911 Address  Contact Tax Assessor's Office for address.  Also request mobile home location request form.


Step 3:  Contact Wilkinson County Health Department  for approval of lot size, percolation test and water/septic system permit.


Step 4:  Obtain Mobile Home Relocation Permit  from Wilkinson County Tax Commissioners office.  Must have make, model and serial number of mobile home.  Inquire about Homestead Exemption.


Step 5:  Move mobile home to lot.  Display Relocation Permit on exterior of mobile home during transport and until new decal issued next year.