Wilkinson County, Georgia


County Ordinances

As adopted by the Wilkinson County Board of Commissioners

The Wilkinson County Board of Commissioners have adopted a number of ordinances which regulate certain activities in Wilkinson County.  If you have any questions regarding an ordinance, please contact the Board of Commissioners at bdofcomm@wilkinsoncounty.net or at 478-946-2236.  All of these files are in Adobe PDF format. 

bulletAdult Entertainment
bulletBeer and Wine Licenses 
bulletBoard of Health
bulletDisorderly Conduct
bulletExcessive Noise
bulletFishing or Diving
bulletHeavy Equipment
bulletMobile Homes
bulletPublic Consumption of Alcohol
bulletPublic Drunkenness
bulletSubdivision Development, including Road Acceptance and Notices of Construction
bulletEnvironmental Conservation o the Wetlands, Groundwater Recharge Areas, River Corridors and On-site Sewage Management Systems Ordinance
bulletSmoking in Public Buildings
bulletSoil Erosion and Sediment Control
bulletTax Lien Foreclosure
bulletTraffic Law and Enforcement