Wilkinson County, Georgia


Wilkinson County Ordinances

The Wilkinson County Board of Commissioners have adopted a number of ordinances which regulate certain activities in Wilkinson County.  If you have any questions regarding an ordinance, please contact the Board of Commissioners at wilcoboc@accucomm.net or at 478-946-2236.

bulletAdult Entertainment
bulletBeer and Wine Licenses 
bulletBoard of Health
bulletDisorderly Conduct
bulletExcessive Noise
bulletFishing or Diving
bulletHeavy Equipment
bulletMobile Homes
bulletPublic Consumption of Alcohol
bulletPublic Drunkenness
bulletRoad Acceptance
bulletEnvironmental Conservation o the Wetlands, Groundwater Recharge Areas, River Corridors and On-site Sewage Management Systems Ordinance
bullet Smoking in Public Buildings
bulletSoil Erosion and Sediment Control
bulletTax Lien Foreclosure
bulletTraffic Law and Enforcement

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