Board of Equalization

Board of Equalization

The Wilkinson County Board of Equalization is established by state law to provide a buffer between taxpayers and government.

The Board hears and decides taxpayers’ appeals of the value, uniformity of value and taxability of their property and denial of homestead exemption and special assessments, as determined by the Wilkinson County Board of Tax Assessors.

Members of the Board are appointed by the grand jury of the county.

Each member must satisfactorily complete 40 hours of mandatory training related to tax assessment and valuation (which training must be completed within the first year of appointment) and, each year thereafter, must complete eight hours of annual update training.  Members serve a three year term and may be reappointed by the grand jury for more than one term of office.

By law, the Clerk of the Superior Court of Wilkinson County provides oversight and clerical support to the board of Equalization but is not otherwise involved in deciding appeals or any other decision making by the Board.

If you are interested in applying to the Wilkinson County Grand Jury for appointment as a member or alternate member of the Board of Equalization, please contact Cinda Bright at 478/946-4314.