Road Department

Public Works-Road Department

The Wilkinson County Public Works-Road Department is responsible for the repair & upkeep of the county’s approximately 217 miles of paved and 118.1 miles of unpaved roadways within our county.

Other responsibilities include mowing the right of ways, picking up litter on road shoulders, upkeep of road signs, pothole patching, crossover pipe replacement, clearing ditch lines while grading and lightly graveling of dirt roads. The Road Department also clears fallen trees or debris from county roadways, maintains county buildings and yard maintenance for these facilities, and clearing of ice & snow and/or sanding bridges in inclement weather, if necessary during the winter.

The County employs mechanics to maintain all county machinery equipment and fleet vehicles.
The Road Department also installs driveway pipes upon the request of property owners for a fee. Fee is based upon size of pipe needed for proper drainage and width of driveway requested and is determined by an onsite visit.  All driveway pipes that are installed on the County rights-of-way must be PERMITTED by the county.

Applications for driveway pipes may be obtained at the Wilkinson County Road Department Office by phone at 478-946-2904, and payment for installation may be made at the Wilkinson Road Department Office at 8154 Hwy 57 McIntyre, GA 31054 or mailed. Permits for right of way encroachments may be obtained through the Wilkinson County Commissioners Office at 100 Bacon Street Courthouse or by phone at 478-946-2236.